www.jewelosco.com/survey – Jewel Osco Customer Survey

www.jewelosco.com/survey – Hey everyone, Have you ever visited Jewel Osco? Was the quality of the products upto the mark? Do you want some modifications? Jewel Osco is waiting for your feedback! It is important to them as it wants to know how your experience was and how it can improve in a better way.



If you are a regular customer, what are you waiting for? It is just a matter of minutes and you may submit your feedback. You can get an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and be the one out of ten to win a $100 gift card. By analysing the results of the survey, the company can maintain its standard and it leads to improvement in the customer service and other aspects which need to be worked upon. You just have to take out some time and visit the official survey website www.Jewelosco.com/survey.

How to take survey

  • Visit the official Jewel Customer Feedback Survey website at www.jewelosco.com/survey.
  • Select the language of your choice between english and spanish.
  • Enter the survey code found on the receipt.
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Enter the date and time of your visit.
  • Rate your overall experience at the store on a scale of 1 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied).
  • Select the departments you shopped from on that visit.
  • Also rate how likely you will recommend the store to others.
  • Rate your satisfaction with the quality of bakery items and friendliness of bakery associates.
  • Rate the quality of dairy.
  • Rate the quality of produce and nature of associates of the produce.
  • Rate how friendly were the associates in the grocery section.
  • Rate how friendly the cashiers were.
  • Rate your satisfaction with overall hygiene, price ranges, layout of store, speed of checkout, availability of items in stock.
  • Mention your suggestions, if any, to improve the shopping experience in future. Also tell them about whether you faced any problems during the visit.
  • Enter the purchase amount from the receipt.
  • Indicate your gender and age.
  • Tell them whether you would like to enter the sweepstakes to win a gift card worth $100.
  • Enter your personal details lastly- name, address, city, state, postal code.
  • Enter “submit survey”.

Benefit and reward

You are rewarded with the sweepstakes prize after filling out the survey. You need a purchase receipt for entering the sweepstakes. After winning youtube a reward worth $100 (gift card).

Terms and conditions 

  • The residents should be legally from Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin.
  • The participants must be 18 or above.
  • The survey does not allow employees, their family members, representatives etc to take part in the survey.
  • A valid purchase receipt from the store.
  • A valid contact number and email address of the participant.
  • Basic knowledge of English or spanish.
  • One person can take the survey once a month.
  • Prize is not transferable. 

About Company

The company was founded by Frank Ross and Frank stiff in 1899. They started on the small scale as a door to door delivery service for tea and coffee with the help of horse drawn wagons. They worked as partners and named the company as jewel tea company. In the 20th century it expanded and started operating under the name Jewel Food Stores. By the 1960s it continued its expansion and made a partnership with Osco Drugs and hence it gave birth to Jewel-Osco combination stores. Today it is a part of Albertsons company. In 2015, it merged with the Safeway through which it doubled its store base. Currently, Jewel-Osco operates nearly 188 stores throughout the Chicagoland area, Indiana and Iowa. It employs over 265,000 employees in the nation. They work on the philosophy of offering their customers products at fair prices with lots of tenderness. 

Contact info

Head office address – 150 Pierce Road. Itasca, Illinois 60143, United States.

Head office contact – 1-630-948-6000

Customer care – 1(877) 276- 9637


  1. Do you offer delivery or pickup in my area?

Yes we do offer delivery services in major U.S. cities and suburbs. Enter your zip code to find out whether we deliver in your area or not.

  1. When can I schedule my groceries for delivery?

These services are generally available 7 days a week between 8 am to 9 pm in most locations. We do have same day delivery service, subject to availability and location.

  1. Can I place a delivery order for someone else?

Yes. You can do this by simply adding a new address.

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DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar General Survey Win Prize $100

DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar General store is one of the famous retailer stores in the U.S. Any resident of the United States can come and definitely shop from the store and buy your goods at affordable prices. 



Additionally, you have a great opportunity to participate in the online feedback survey. The survey has been designed for the official legal residents of the United States. 

The store wishes to collect feedback from you and improve their services for you. As an appreciation, they provide you with rewards. 

For that, firstly check out the nearest dollar General store near you and visit it. 

It is a matter of few minutes and you can complete the survey. They consider every feedback from their customers important. 

The aim of the survey is to make enhancements in the services and products and make your future shopping experience better. 

This article contains all the information about the survey. So, keep reading…! 

How to take survey

You can participate in the survey via two methods- 

  • Online
  • Mail-in 

For Online entry method, follow these steps – 

  • Go to the official survey website dgcustomerfirst.com.
  • Make sure to carry the receipt with you while taking the online survey. You need to enter the validation code, store number, time and date of visit from the receipt only.
  • Click start after entering these details.
  • You are redirected to the survey page now.
  • Now start answering the questions as honestly as possible.
  • Some of the survey questions include client’s agreeableness towards the staff, response time of staff, staff behavior, cleanliness, emvironment, opinion about administration, maintenance of the store, management etc. 
  • On completion of the survey, you need to fill your contact details.
  • Lastly, you will receive an entry in the draw or sweepstakes process.

For mail-in method, purchase receipt is not required.

Just take a postcard and write your name, contact number, city, zip code, valid email address, residential address and dob. After writing the details, just mail it to- 

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325.

Benefit and reward

A total of 520 prizes are given which is divided into 52 draws made weekly. Each winner gets a gift card worth $100 totalling the retail prize value to become $52,000. 

But a purchase is mandatory to be made before entering the sweepstakes process. Then only you will be eligible to win the gift card and redeem it on your future purchase. 

Terms and conditions 

  • Only legal residents of the USA are allowed to participate in the survey. The person must be a citizen of any of the 50 United States.
  • The person should have a purchase receipt handy with them as it contains the survey code.
  • The person taking part in the survey must not be any employee or representative.
  • The family of the employees can participate in the customer first satisfaction survey under some specific rules and regulations.
  • The person taking part must fulfil the age limit criteria.
  • Should have basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • A receipt is mandatory to take part.
  • A person can take part in the survey only once and can enjoy the benefit of offer once only.
  • The survey code remains valid for only 30 days and it should be redeemed within 30 days only. After that it expires.
  • You should have an electronic gadget with an internet connection.
  • A valid email ID.

About company

The Dollar General Corporation is an America based store chain headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. It operates 18000 stores in the US. 

It started in 1939 as a family business by James Luther and Cal turner. Afterwards the name was changed to Doller General Corporation. The store became the most profitable stores in rural United States area revenue reaching $27 billion as of 2019. 

The company sells a wide variety of grocery and other household items. 

Contact them at 615-855-4000

Address – 100 mission ridge Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072, United States of America. 


  1. How often can I participate in the survey?

Per receipt, you can participate in the survey only once.

  1. Is the survey legit?

The Dollar General Survey is 100%legit and it honestly rewards its customers for their appreciation. You can get a chance to win exciting rewards.

  1. How do I raise a concern?

For any concerns or queries or to make any complaint, you can contact on – 


Or mail them at custsvc@dollargeneral.com

  1. How can I contact the CEO of the company?

You can contact Todd Vasos on the following- 


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HomeGoodsFeedback.com – Take Survey and Win $500 Gift Card

HomeGoodsFeedback.com – Homegoods is a home decor retailer chain that offers the best home-furnished products to its customers. The HomeGoods feedback survey conducted online aims to accept genuine feedback, opinions and reviews from its regular customers. The company analyses the acceptance of the services and the products by the consumers.



It is convenient for the customers as the survey can be taken online and they may share their feedback without hesitation regardless of whether it is positive or negative. They collect all the feedback and study the areas to improve upon like quality of products, ambiance of the store etc. You can share your latest experience with them and your overall undergoing experience. They can ultimately get a chance to enter the sweepstakes and win rewards worth $500. 

This is the post which will give you all information about the survey and provide you help for completing the survey. You can be the lucky one to win rewards also. So read the post and you will surely win a sweepstake reward which you can redeem to save money.

How to take survey

  • Visit the official survey portal to take the Home Goods Customer Feedback Survey at www.homegoodsfeedback.com.
  • You need to select your preferred language between English and spanish.
  • Now enter the survey number from the receipt and the date and time of your last visit at the store.
  • Hit the start button
  • A page displaying some information about the survey is shown. Read it carefully before proceeding further. Then click next
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with the store in the range of highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Click next
  • Now you need to answer questions like whether you made a purchase from the store, what did you purchase, usage of restroom, behaviour of cashier while you made the transaction, the primary reason for your visit, friendliness of sales floor associate, condition of merchandise, neatness and hygiene of merchandise, ease of removing and placing items on the shelves, uniqueness of the place, speed of checkout, price range, overall service provided by the cashier, department name from where you shopped etc.
  • In the comment box, write down your opinions and suggestions.
  • Tell them about how often you visit the store and shop from there.
  • Enter the purchase amount you spent on your recent visit.
  • Answer the question related to the reward card.
  • Select your age and gender.
  • Tell them by clicking yes/no whether you would like to enter the sweepstakes. 
  • As a last step, enter the correct personal details. 

Benefit and reward

It appreciates its customers for taking out time to participate in the survey and provide their valuable feedback. For genuine feedback, you get a chance to enter the sweepstakes under which you win a sweepstake gift card as a reward worth $500. Throughout this period 11 drawings are conducted only. Each month one winner is selected and awarded with gift cards. 

Terms and conditions

Take a look at these rules and regulations which you need to fulfil before taking the survey. 

  • Users should have a valid email address and contact number.
  • One of the devices like laptop, smartphone or tablet required to take the online survey.
  • A stable internet connection
  • The users should lawfully be residents of the 50 United States and the District Of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 
  • The minimum age of the participants should be 18 years or more.
  • Any employees whether current or prior, executives, representatives, staff of homegoods, clients, partner companies and their family members aren’t allowed to participate in the survey.
  • Basic knowledge of either English or Spanish language is mandatory.
  • A customer can enter the sweepstakes only once a month per receipt.
  • Prize is non-transferable.
  • It cannot be exchanged and redeemed for cash.
  • The ongoing offer or prize cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Take the survey inside the sweepstakes period only.

About Company

It is a company selling home furnishing and decor products headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. Initially it sold on a small scale but flourished gradually and included hundreds of locations throughout the USA. It sells bedding, furniture, housewares and lighting products. It has been a subsidiary of TJX companies since 1992.

For queries and assistance, call customer care – 1-800-888-0776

Operating hours – 9 am to 6 pm eastern, mon-friday

This article is posted by me in which i have included all the important details about the HomeGoods customer satisfaction survey. 

I hope you take the survey successfully and get a chance to win the sweepstakes prize. 

www.cublistens.com – Cub Foods Survey – Win $100 Gift Card

www.cublistens.com – To track at what level your customers feel satisfied and happy with the services and products, the company designed Cub Foods Customer Experience Survey at www.cublistens.com.  You get an opportunity to give your genuine feedback by taking part in the survey. You can help them know about their positive and negative traits so that they recognize what works for them and what doesn’t. 



The store is known as one of the popular grocery supermarkets in the USA. Therefore they expect loyal answers from their customers so they can analyze them and improve their services. Not only this but they also give you a chance to get into the sweepstakes process and win a $100 gift card. 

The company wishes to enhance customer satisfaction in future. They believe that customers are the driving force behind their business planning and strategies. They give affirmation to you that your problems will be solved. This survey creates a strong bond between the company and its consumers and they make sure you have the best experience here and they may serve you again and again. 

How to take survey 

  • Go to the official survey website at www.cublistens.com
  • The survey web page will appear on the screen
  • Click the next button
  • You will be asked to enter the 16 digit code found on the receipt.
  • Click submit 
  • You will be redirected to the questionnaire containing a series of questions regarding your last visit.
  • Recall your last visit and rate your overall satisfaction with the company.
  • Answer the questions honestly on a scale from satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • The questions asked are related to your order quality, staff’s behavior, services and ambience, price ranges, locations, working hours, cleanliness etc.
  • You would be asked to fill in your personal details like name, residential address, email ID and contact number.
  • On completion you will get a chance to enter in the sweepstakes through which you can save money on your future purchases from the store.

Benefit and reward 

The customers can get chance to enter into the sweepstakes and win exciting offers like Cub gift cards. 

The rewards won can be sweepstakes entry and a $100 gift card. Only one person would be the winner and is eligible to win the gift card. 

Terms and conditions 

  • Users below age of 18 aren’t allowed to take the survey. The minimum age to take the survey is 18 or above. 
  • The prize worth $100 is non-transferable. 
  • The employees whether current or prior and their family members won’t be allowed to take the survey.
  • The lawful residents of states and countries except Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota are not allowed to participate in the survey. 
  • It is mandatory that the customers give honest answers only. 
  • The users interested to take part in the surbey should have the basic understanding of the English or Spanish language. The survey is available only in these two languages.
  • Every user must have a phone, a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection to take the survey. As the survey is conducted online so the user’s device must be cookies and Javascript enabled. 
  • The user must have a valid purchase receipt of any of the club stores. 
  • You should enter your correct contact details as that would be used to contact you if you become the lucky winner. 

About company 

The company is a supermarket chain based in America. It was founded 54 years ago in Minnesota by Charles and Jack Hooley. The company is a subsidiary of SuperValu. It is headquartered in Stillwater, Minnesota, U.S. The stores operate in Minnesota and Illinois. It is a big supermarket which sells various products like dairy, bakery, frozen foods, snacks, liquor, pharma, meals, flowers. 

Corporate office address – 421 3rd St S, Stillwater, MN 55082

Contact number corporate office – (651) 439-7200

Customer care number – (855) 282-3663


  1. How do I get a My Cub Rewards card?

You need to sign up at your local store online from the page www.cub.com/rewards. You can also use the Cub app to sign up.

  1. Do I need the card to participate in the My Cub Rewards Program?

Yes the card is required to participate. You can link your My Cub rewards card in the app. By this , you can earn fuel points which will be added to your fuel rewards balance. So, all the discounts are gathered at one place. 

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TellCaribou.com – Take Official Caribou Coffee Survey

TellCaribou.com – Caribou coffee customer satisfaction survey can be easily taken at the official website of TellCaribou www.tellcaribou.com. The company wishes to collect feedback from its loyal customer base. By gathering all the feedback it starts analysing it works upon the company services, food quality, manu, facilities etc.



They only expect genuine feedback from you and appreciate you for taking out time to fill the short online survey. It rewards you with free bagels currently after completing the survey on your next visit. The feedback helps them improve their products and services according to customer needs. 

How was your experience when you visited the restaurant recently? What did you like the best? How was the staff nature? Did you find any wrappers lying on the floor of the restaurant? All these questions can be answered by you in the survey so that you can enjoy better services in your future visits to the restaurant. 

Here is a guide stating the details about the survey. Go through the rules and regulations carefully and if you fulfil them, you are eligible to take the survey. 

So take the survey and give yourself a chance to be part of the sweepstakes process!

How to take survey

  • Visit the official survey portal www.tellcaribou.com.
  • You will be redirected to the welcome page of the survey where you need to enter the check number or receipt code and purchase date.
  • Click next
  • A new page with a set of questions appears. This is the survey page.
  • You have to recall your recent visit and rate your overall experience in a range of satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • Questions asked are generally about staff nature, cleanliness, air and services etc.
  • You can write something down in the comment section if you wish to. Also you can give your suggestions and opinions. If you faced any problems during the visit, you can put them down. 
  • All the questions should be answered honestly.
  • After completion you get a validation code which can be redeemed in the next visit.

Benefit and reward

For completing the survey they provide you with various offers like free food on the next visit, free gift card balance, discount offers etc. Note down the coupon code on your receipt as without the code you wouldn’t be able to start the online survey. 

Terms and conditions

  • Previous purchase receipt from the outlet. Receipt should be a valid one.
  • A stable internet connection
  • A device like laptop or phone or computer 
  • Users should have a valid email id.
  • Basic understanding of the English language.
  • Some minutes from your time to participate in the survey.
  • You should be a lawful citizen of the United States of America.
  • Your age must be legally 18 or above.
  • Per receipt each participant can participate in the survey twice a month.
  • The participant must not be any prior or current employee of the organisation. Partner companies, affiliates etc. and their immediate family members aren’t allowed to participate in the survey.
  • The validity of the purchase receipt is 3 days from taking the survey.
  • The person who does not have a proper explanation of the coupon code shall be suspended from the survey process.

About Company

It is a coffee company based in America. The company was founded in 1992 in Edina, Minnesota by John Puckett. It is headquartered in Brooklyn Centre, Minnesota, U.S. No. of employees working in the company across various outlets are more than 7000. It is a subsidiary of the JAB Holding Company. It is known to be the second largest coffee selling company in the U.S. following Starbucks. Some of its common delicacies from the menu includes coffee made of finest Arabica beans, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bagel, french toast bagel sandwich with double meat, double cheese, cage-free egg, melty chocolate chips and cookie-dusted bite-size bagel filled with sweet cream.

Contact details

Operating hours:- 

MON-THU : 7:00 AM TO 6:00 PM

FRI: 7:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

SAT-MON: closed

Headquarter office address- 3900 Lakebreeze Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S – 55429

HQ contact- (763) 592 2200

Customer care – +1 888 227 4268


  1. Why don’t you sell flavoured coffee?

It is upto you that you can adjust the taste of coffee according to you by adding some flavours into it. You can control the amount and type of flavour you want by adding a flavour shot. We sell the finest tasting coffees without any extra flavour. But we have a variety of flavour shots to adore your taste buds!

  1. I’m having trouble logging into your wifi. What should I do?

        Please contact customer care. 

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